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From the family of Elaine Handy

Elaine Handy

Hi everyone, this is Alex Handy, Stuart Handy and Kim Handy. On Monday evening mom peacefully passed away while resting in her bed in Albuquerque, NM. She was beloved by her family, friends, business associates, church members, and everyone else she came in contact with.

She was the definition of fearless and she lived it every day. She met my dad, a black man, in the late 60s and married him a few years later knowing wholeheartedly that love would carry them through any difficulties a biracial marriage might present.

When she was 33 years old, with two wild boys under the age of 7, her and my dad quit their secure jobs, and moved from Boston to Albuquerque to start their own business in a field they knew little about, word processing and medical transcription. WordCenter grew into a thriving business that provided for our family for over 30 years. She was a woman CEO who got business done!

After Nat passed away in 1999, she used her faith and courageousness to carry on with an unyielding positive attitude. She was the North Star for our family and helped guide Stuart, Kim and me through this difficult time. She became a loving grandmother to Lauren and Rachel shortly thereafter. She could be counted on to visit San Diego every 3-day weekend of the year - with most of that time spent on the soccer field watching her granddaughters play. She loved it all. She got to know the names of the kids on the teams, their parents, and would cheer louder than anyone.

She was a lover of baseball, football, soccer and all UNM sports. Without a doubt, there would be a game on her TV or on her car's AM radio. She had a passion for collecting antique furniture and handmade art and jewelry, especially pieces from the indigenous tribes from New Mexico. She had a huge appreciation for their culture.

She began every day of her life by praying and reading the Bible. It was her foundation and what made her so strong and successful. She was extremely principled and had no time for inequalities, pettiness, gossip, negativity or worrying. When business slowed, or a medical condition presented itself, she remained undeterred. It was truly a sight to behold. She carried this faith with her as she moved on from this world. Stuart, Kim and I are fortunate to have been raised and supported by such a larger than life person.

In lieu of flowers, we are asking for donations in her memory to her favorite charity, Heifer International. (UPDATED LINK)

Elaine is survived by her brother, Jay Jones and his wife Hillary, her sons, Alex and Stuart, Alex's wife, Kim, and their two daughters, Lauren Handy and Rachel Handy.

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