CS Articles and the Weekly Bible Lesson

Here is a short list of articles from the Christian Science periodicals that touch on themes related to the subject of the current week's Christian Science Bible Lesson.  

These selections are made by fellow ABQ church members.

We encourage you to use this list as a

springboard for building your own list of articles that you find helpful in your study.

Bible Lesson Subject

for the Week ending January 24:


Section 1

Mental Emancipation – Frida Baath

CS Journal – July 1926

Section 2

Justice is for all – Carolyn B. Swan

CS Journal – October 1979

Section 3

Rejecting a Lie with Spiritual Truth – Barbara J. Presler

CS Sentinel – March 5, 1977

Section 4

Understanding Other People – Charles C. Butterworth

CS Journal – December 1944


Section 5

Finding the truth that heals – Marian Cates

CS Journal – February 1997

Section 6

The invariable victory of Truth – Thomas L. Leishman

CS Journal – February 1953

God’s Law of Liberty (poem) – Amy G. Vau

CS Journal – January 1941


Freedom – Janis H. Kitchin (poem)

CS Sentinel – April 1 1996

Current of Thought

Let's face up to hidden mental influences - Keith S. Collins

CS Journal - October 2015

Praying for the World - Kathryn Dunton

CS Sentinel - March 10, 2003

Undisturbed - Milton Simon

CS Sentinel:  March 25, 1955

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