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JSHonline articles that go with this week's Bible Lesson

Here are some articles from the Christian Science periodicals (JSHonline) that

touch on themes, ideas, stories or quotes in each section

of the current week's Christian Science Bible Lesson.  

These articles are selected by ABQ church members.

Bible Lesson Subject for the Week ending December 17, 2023

Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?

Section 1

Christian Science healing—more than just health care – Audio Available – Constance Wallingford

Christian Science Sentinel – May 18, 2015


Section 2

How Physical Is Healing? - Peter J. Henniker Heaton

Christian Science Sentinel – August 7, 1976

Section 3

Jesus and the Christ Science – Clifford Kapps Eriksen

Christian Science Sentinel – December 10, 1984

Section 4

Prayer is not "doing nothing" – Vicki V. Sheffield

Christian Science Sentinel – September 8, 1986


Section 5


Christian Science Sentinel – April 28, 2008


Section 6

Employment – Svend Pontoppidan Broby

Christian Science Sentinel – July 13, 1929

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