CS Articles and the Weekly Bible Lesson

This is a short list of articles from the Christian Science periodicals that touch on themes related to the subject of the current week's Christian Science Bible Lesson. These weekly selections come courtesy of Wide Horizon,

a Christian Science nursing care facility in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

Additional articles may also be included that are recommended by other sources. 

We encourage you to use this list as a

springboard for building your own list of articles you find helpful in your study.

Bible Lesson Subject

for the Week ending October 25:

Probation After Death

Probation - continuing progress - after death - Blythe Evans

CS Journal: May 2020

(Vol. 138, Issue 05)


ONE of the least understood sayings of the great ... - Annie Knott

CS Journal: September 1907

(Vol. 25, Issue 6)


Walk With God - William E. Moody

CS Sentinel: May 24, 1982

(Vol. 84, Issue 21)


“The One Only Way” - Geoffrey J. Barrett

CS Sentinel: October 24, 1977

(Vol. 79, Issue 44)


"Passed From Death Unto Life" - Frederich Preller

CS Journal: September 1962

(Vol. 80, Issue 9)


Walking With God - Georgiana Lieder Lahr

CS Sentinel: July 20, 1974

(Vol. 76 Issue 29)


The Comfort of Christian Science - Mary C. Francis

CS Journal:  September 1911

"This Supreme Moment" - Florence Irene Gubbins

CS Journal:  May 1952

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