CS Articles and the Weekly Bible Lesson

Here is a short list of articles from the Christian Science periodicals that touch on themes related to the subject of the current week's Christian Science Bible Lesson.  

These selections are made by fellow ABQ church members.

Bible Lesson Subject

for the Week ending September 26:


Section 1

Looking “Deep into Realism” – Jeanne Roe Price

CS Journal – December 1961

What is the reality of life? - Margaret Rogers, Howard Johnson, Bill Moody

Audio Only

Sentinel Radio Program – March 15, 1996

Section 2

Hezekiah: The unparalleled king of Judah – Thomas de France

CS Journal – November 2003

Section 3

Removing the Mental Clutter – Paul Gutelius

CS Journal – August 2010


Section 4

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Section 5

Rejoice Evermore! - Ella W. Hoag

CS Sentinel - November 17, 1923

Principle Pervades, Is All – Ellen W. Luce

CS Journal – June 1962


Section 6

“Underneath are the everlasting arms” – Duncan Sinclair

CS Sentinel – May 24, 1930


The invisible made visible - editorial

CS Sentinel – August 22, 2005

Articles for special membership meeting

The temple of our worship - Rick Gaspard

Audio Available

CS Journal - March 1, 2021

Prayer for church turns loss into gain - Madelon Maupin

Audio Available

CS Journal - April 2021

No pew? No problem. Online church is revitalizing congregations - G. Jeffrey MacDonald 

CS Monitor - February 9, 2021