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"To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science."

- The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany by Mary Baker Eddy, 160:5 

The Christian Science Reading Room is conveniently located just south of Central on Richmond Dr. near UNM with ample parking in the back. Here you may purchase books, magazines, inspirational CDs, Bibles, Bible study aides, children’s items and the international newspaper The Christian Science Monitor.

prayer healing health

Christian Science Practioners are available to provide metaphysical healing treatment to those in need. Christian Science practitioners offer spiritually-based Christian Science treatment – a specific kind of prayer explained in the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which has resulted for thousands in physical healing and the resolution of a variety of life problems. This treatment is available to everyone. You do not need to be a Christian Scientist or attend church to ask for help.​

Christian prayer

Christian Science Nurses are available to give skilled, practical care consistent with reliance on prayer. The care they provide may include such things as helping people bathe, preparing special modified foods, bed care, bandaging wounds, and helping people who need assistance to move about. They do not administer drugs or supply any sort of physical therapy or other medical treatment. They may provide care in your home - round the clock or on an hourly basis.

pray God

Find different avenues to connect and fellowship with others your age. Join discussions and explore your questions about Christian Science. Discover ways you can apply solutions to everyday situations.

prayer healing health

Those seeking accurate, up-to-date information regarding Christian Science, especially Government and Media representatives, can find it through our NM Committee on Publication Wayne Hicks. Wayne is available to answer questions and speak regarding:

  • The influence of thought on health

  • The theology and practice of Christian Science

  • The wide diversity of individuals who practice Christian Science

  • What it means to be a "Student of Christian Science"

  • The Founder and Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy

In the Members Resource area you will find church documents and committee information available to the members of First Church of Christ, Scientist Albuquerque. To enter this area simply click on the button above and enter the member password. The password is

easily attainable from the Clerk or Reading Room Librarian.  Also if you have any church information you would like posted in the Members Resource area just let us know.


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