Local Christian Science Nurses 

Christian Science nurses are prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skillful physical care to those receiving Christian Science treatment for healing.

The care they provide may include such things as helping people bathe, preparing special modified foods, bed care, bandaging wounds, and helping people who need assistance to move about. They do not administer drugs or provide any sort of physical therapy or other medical treatment. They may provide care in your home - round the clock or on an hourly basis.

Christian Science nurses are professionals and charge for the care they provide. Each one sets individual rates, so feel free to discuss payment with, or request references from , any Christian Science nurse you contact. Listed below are the Christian Science Nurses in the state of New Mexico. You can contact them by phone, e-mail, or written letter. Those available to travel to you, regardless of the distance, will have an airplane icon (      ) next to their name.

pray healing health


Essay, Karen L.


1304 Coal Ave SW, Apt F

Albuquerque, NM 87102


Sengebush, Abigail Pratt



13101 Blue Corn Maiden Trail, NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112-3799

World Wide

A complete listing of Christian Science Nurses worldwide can be found in each issue of the Christian Science Journal.

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