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20220315 Church News Briefly

Church News Briefly: March 15, 2022

NEW MEMBER: We welcome Amy Myer as a new member of our branch church. Plans are being made to have a “meet & greet” for all our new members following one or two of our Sunday services.

GROUNDS: The Grounds Committee continues with near-weekly tidying of the church grounds. We would like to thank Tom Feldman, Jane & Wayne Hicks, and Candy & David Nartonis for help with the snow removal this winter. As signs of Spring become more common, Waterquest will again be our contractor for lawn maintenance, likely starting some time in April, depending on our needs.

COUNTING COMMITTEE: Please notify the Clerk if you can serve on the Counting Committee on some Sundays.

STREET CLOSURE: Roma, the street on the North side of church (Sunday School side) will be closed for several weeks due to sewer and water construction in the area. Monte Vista is open again but Campus may still have some construction. So, with all this, it may be good to allow more time to park in and around church.

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