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20211112 Church News Briefly

Church News Briefly: November 12, 2021

READING ROOM: Our Reading Room is very much in need of volunteers. Please contact the Clerk or Diana at the Reading Room if you might be able to serve even briefly. SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our Sunday School is also in need of teachers. Please contact the Clerk or the Sunday School Superintendent Shannon Horst, if you might be able to serve. ELECTIONS: Our election meeting last month gave us the following results: Taylor Horst was elected First Reader. Jane Hicks was elected Second Reader Rose Borden was elected to the Executive Board Candy Nartonis was elected President. CHURCH DIRECTORY: The most current church directory is attached. Lance Woeltjen is the newly appointed Chair of the Usher Committee as Taylor Horst will start as First Reader in February. The Lecture Committee will soon need to replace Jane Hicks as the Chair. Please let the Clerk know if you might be able to serve in this way. Also, Emily Mitchell has been appointed Assistant Clerk. HOUSE: The House committee has installed a sensor system provided by our insurance company. This system will alert the committee if there is the presence of water, extreme temperatures or a power outage in the building. A similar system will be installed at the Reading Room in the next few weeks. Thanks so much for all those who have served and continue to serve our branch church! Executive Board


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