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Borrow a Piano?

One of our dear members has a piano for loan. It is a classic upright and has been enjoyed by two youngsters to support their musical interests. One of the children, benefiting from its use for many years, went on to get a music degree in college. This piano was very important in her musical development. The other, while not choosing music as her major, minored in music at the collegiate level and greatly benefited from having this wonderful instrument in her home. So now, after both of these young people have flourished in music it is time once again to find a new home for this classic instrument.

There are however a couple of requirements in the arrangement.

  1. The borrower must keep the piano tuned.

  2. The borrower must be taking lessons from someone (thus keeping the piano active).

Please contact the Clerk if you know someone who may have a need for a basic upright piano. It is ready to bless another family in a musical fashion.

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