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Reading Room

Keep the Reading Room in Thought

Thank you for keeping the Reading Room in your prayers and thought.

A big thanks to the dedicated grounds committee in keeping the Reading Room grounds in great shape with lots of weeds-pulling, pruning and more recently, daily grounds clean-up. A lock has been welded to the gate of the gated-yard to discourage visitors from overnighting in the enclosure – thank you Gregg Flynn for such a durable and professional looking lock! Thank you to the metaphysical committee for its support and also to the folks on the house committee who have been keeping up with all the details to maintaining the Reading Room.

Membership’s support of the Reading Room is palpable and observed when visitors arrive and comment on the peaceful atmosphere, so thank you all for the many ways that your supportive work can be done. Specifically, thank you too for taking time out of your busy days to work either on the grounds or house committees or serving as an attendant on duty. The Reading Room is kept fresh and alive-feeling with all this loving and important work.

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