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Executive Board Report (delivered to the membership at the September member meeting, September 20, 2018)

Good evening. We are so glad, the entire Board, to see all of you here and are so grateful to be in cooperation and membership with you. We appreciate your willingness to be an active part of this church, and we see the devotion that you have for it. Our church purpose is to stand as a beacon of love, hope, and healing for our members, our community, and the world, through what Christian Science teaches of the boundless power and action of God. This shared commitment blesses the church and each one of us.

Our next Members Meeting will be held specifically and only to elect Readers and a new Executive Board Member. Please consider leaving your name on the list to be considered for all positions. If you cannot attend this important meeting, you can call the Clerk and leave a message that you are willing to stand for office, even if not able to be present.

If you stand for election to the Executive Board, please be ready to utilize email and Google docs to work on church business between Board meetings.

Our church functions through the work of committees, as all of you know so well. As we all begin this year with some new commitments and continue serving on other committees, we will find new ways to wrap this entire community in our hearts.

The Board is noticing how smoothly the transitions are taking place as new chairs move into their roles with the help of former chairs. Others continue in their positions and are lovingly greeting new members. This is an excellent time to thank you all for your prayerful commitment, with ready hands to the required tasks of running our church. The excellent work in the Reading Room shares the news of God’s Love and of practical Christian Science. We love to be open so many hours for the community and all of our members. At church, ushers have welcomed attendees, members and guests alike with a clear perception of man’s perfection. Our Church and Reading Room have been kept in excellent shape by the work of the House and Grounds Committees this year. Outreach through the lecture committee and Prison Ministry has been a blessing to many in our community. The technical committee has worked successfully on improved sound in the Sunday school and auditorium and online for meetings and services and has made our message even easier to access. Flowers and music have just been lovely, and are truly an expression of Soul and a lively love of church. We see members handle all aspects of our finances with professional and ethical grace. The Sunday School and Children’s room have inspired and embraced our young ones.

Finally, it is important to thank our Readers for their outstanding work over the past three years. Thank you one and all! It is truly inspiring to see.

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