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Wednesday Testimony Meetings


As most of you know, the testimony meetings are currently being held in the upper Sunday School room on Wednesday evenings. The idea behind this trial was to create a feeling of more openness as well as a more relaxed and less formal atmosphere. For all of December 2017 and January 2018, the testimony meetings will be held in the Sunday School. But of course, it is important to understand what the members want in this regard. Having tried this arrangement, it is time to discuss and vote on the issue. This will certainly be on the agenda for the January membership meeting which will be held on Tuesday evening, January 30th at 7pm.

In the meantime, please give prayerful consideration to this issue. Then plan to join the other members when we meet in January. Not only will this issue be important as we move into the new year, but other items like bylaw changes and the new budget will also be up for a vote.


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