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Seeking Singers!

Some of our church members know that I lead a small choir which meets Tuesday evenings at 7.

This is not a "church activity", though many of those who come are from our church. This started partly as a kind of support group for people who felt uncomfortable singing in church because they felt they couldn't carry a tune, and didn't want to throw their neighbors off. Those folks have made wonderful progress! I like 16th and 17th century polyphony, so we do some of that; we also sing hymns from the CS hymnal that have good part-writing. We would welcome new voices: I don't want anyone to think this group is by invitation only — if you're interested, or if you know someone who might be interested, please check it out. If you already sing well and love to sing, please do come. You might be too good for us, but go ahead and check us out. You might love it! Contact Sarah Manthey at, or call/text me at 505-688-7673.

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