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Plan Ahead

A new feature on our website is the “Plan Ahead” calendar table available in the Member’s Resources area of our website. It enables all to look ahead to those dates and times for important church events coming in the near future. This table will be updated regularly as dates and times are always subject to change. The list has six fields that display: DATE / WEEKDAY / EVENT / TIME / LOCATION / REMARKS

What makes this table unique is the ability to sort by any one of the fields shown. For example, I may want to see the dates of the membership meetings for the year 2018. I would sort the EVENT field and that would place all the membership meetings together. Or, I might want to see all the displayed events that fall on Mondays. If a sort is requested for the WEEKDAY field, it will group the days together. To return to the regular DATE order, simply sort the DATE field.

This link will take you right to the Plan Ahead calendar:

To sort a field, use the up and down arrows next to the field name. As always, let the Clerk know if you have any questions.

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