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New Items at the Reading Room

2017 Christian Science Hymnal Hymns 403 – 630

The new 2017 Christian Science Hymnals are beginning to arrive. More than 1200 hymns were reviewed and prayed over to select those which guide us and comfort us. Some hymns may contain scriptural reference and where possible guitar chords are provided. The 2017 Hymnal includes contemporary hymns, traditional hymns, and hymns from around the

world––174 in all, including 30 from the 2008 Supplement. Of special interest are several hymns that set to music poems first published in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel, as well as 17 new settings of poems by Mary Baker Eddy. This book is the same width as the Christian Science Hymnal (1932) but ¾” taller (6¼” x 9¾”). Price $18.75.

As a side note, the first 603 hymns contain just the melody and in the last quarter of the hymnal, 26 hymns are replicated so that the full score may be provided. The annotation for these hymns at the back is a circled FS. It may be helpful to open at the beginning of the hymnal when locating the desired hymn.

The Publishing Society is busy getting the hymns added to Concord Online, but in the meantime a 60-page, complimentary, downloadable PDF is available at

Or you can request the pdf from the Reading Room and we will be glad to email it to you.

New Items Coming Soon:

2017 Christian Science Hymnal Hymns 403 – 630 Musician’s Edition

The Musician’s Edition is not only an enlarged spiral bound edition (8 ½” x 11”) but it has a few extra features including :

· A designated preface

· More extensive hymn notes especially for the less conventional hymns

· Adjustments made to accommodate organists. Price $32.00

Christian Science Hymnal: Hymns 430–603 Recordings - Piano with Voice (2017)

This Recordings features each of the 174 hymns in the new Hymnal performed by a vocalist with piano accompaniment. Each track includes an initial play-through of the hymn, all verses, and a brief coda. These recordings are ideal for church services, where they can be played to accompany and support congregational singing, or serve as a solo. The recordings are faithful to the music as presented in the Hymnal. Particular care has been taken with diction and enunciation so that the healing message of the words is communicated. The purity, strength, and joy communicated in these recordings will bless, inspire, and comfort. The recordings are also a great resource for individuals––whether for use in the car, around the home, office, or neighborhood, they offer great listening! The 7-CD set is packaged in an attractive zippered case. Since the Hymnal Recordings are on back order, please place your order with the Reading Room at your earliest convenience. The price is $85.00.

Word’s Only hymnal – information is forthcoming.

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