From the Executive Board

Executive Board Report

Our purpose on the Executive Board is to support the work of this church. It is an honor. Between our monthly meetings, we conduct a large amount of our regular work online. We regularly communicate via email.

This last month we switched to using Google Drive for much of our work. This product allows multiple Board members to review and edit documents simultaneously. This is a new procedure for us but we expect it to be better than working in the same room, because we can share a document and edit together, coming up with a final document quickly and easily. Although this will never replace monthly meetings, it does point to the need for increased computer and web savvy skills. One added advantage is that you can always contact us and will not need to wait for our monthly board meetings to hear back.

Beginning July 1, there will be a new Telecon number phone to reach the Wed. and Sunday services over our Audio System. The old system was dropping calls and had degraded to the point that it is no longer viable. Our old number could not be transferred to the new system. Also on July 1, we are initiating a Webcast method to join in to our services. By going to our web site, you can simply press a tab to receive the services through your computer, pad or smart phone. The sound of the Webcast is amazingly clear. You will especially hear a difference listening to the testimonies and the music. Our printed materials are being corrected to reflect these changes. The new Telecon number is 1-641-715-3580, and the access code is 511-748.

The board has been working on a project to identify and clarify any necessary steps for which committees are responsible. These are steps that have fundamental, legal or financial ramifications for the church. Rather than Guidelines, these steps will be called Procedures. Committee Chairs will work with their board contacts to move these few requirements to the top of the Committee Guideline documents, and they will be clearly marked as Procedures. Your committee Chairs will send you copies of any reworked documents. Hopefully, it will be very clear that guidelines are suggestions from past experience, while procedures are necessary to the functioning of the church.

As an outcome of our work on the Albuquerque rezoning project, we discovered that it might be useful to have a member attend or even join the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association. It would be good to be a presence in the neighborhood, and provide a clear contact for communication. We are looking for someone who would receive emails from the Association and go to meetings when a topic might affect us. If you are interested in this community outreach, please get in touch with the Clerk.

Church Alive has a new name! The group is now called the Informal Discussion Group, and will continue to meet at 6:30 on Wednesdays in the upper Sunday School. Their activity is to support one another and to support ongoing prayer when there is a felt need in our community and around the world.

Most of you know that The Mother Church has announced the new and much anticipated Christian Science Hymnal 430-603. This new hymnal is a hardcover cloth book and will supersede the Hymnal Supplement. We ordered copies for the auditorium and the Sunday school and they arrived quickly.

We have been asked if there is any possibility of a local Christian Science Care facility for the area. This question came up a few years ago and was not considered feasible at the time. The board is not anticipating any action on this project, but we did want you to know that it seems to be one way to meet a need.

And finally, Thank you for your continued love for one another and for the church. It is felt!

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