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Executive Board Report

Jan. 19, 2017 Membership Meeting: Board Report synopsis

The following items highlight the Board report at the Jan. 19 Membership meeting of this church:

· The Board thanks all members for your ongoing work on committees of this church. Sunday School, Children’s room, Lecture and Care committees are bringing brotherly love to the whole community. Ushers, Grounds, Counting and House committees have continued their outstanding work of providing, not only a smooth, but also an outstanding level of excellence. The Music has been an inspiration. And the Flower committee made our church lovely during this past Christmas, and continues that work week after week. The Institutional and Lecture committees are bringing Christian Science to people who are grateful to learn more about God and Man. · Special thanks to Kathy Oakley for the prodigious job on the Budget · It is possible to Direct Deposit church contributions. Have you wondered how to get your contribution to the church when you are out of town? Are you sometimes serving elsewhere on Sunday and find it hard to get your contribution into the collection? Would you like to be more consistent so the church can count on a certain income each month? Would you like to use the direct deposit method of contributing to your church? If so, The Treasurer has information cards that will be helpful. You will need the routing numbers for the church account, and you will need your own routing member when you ask your bank to facilitate a monthly deposit to the church. This information is going out to all members in a special letter and in the Newsletter. · During the January meeting, members present were asked if they would like to have the monthly financial statement available in the Newsletter, and by show of hands the membership said they did not need this information. · This church is showing proof of its utility by expressing brotherly love and elevating the race, through the work of our members. I’d like to extend special thanks to the Institutional Committee as they expand their projects. They began outreach into the community two years ago by volunteering for weekly bible study at a halfway house for those just released from prison or about to be sentenced. La Posada allowed us into the facility at the request of a resident who had found CS in prison. This gentleman, Wayland, continues to spread the word about CS from Farmington. The committee now supports recently released prisoners in Albuquerque who have been attending the Bible Study meetings at the Penitentiary in Santa Fe, run by the Santa Fe church. We will be going to go to the penitentiary in Las Lunas twice each month for bible study. Science & Health, Bibles, Sentinels have been sent to the inmates there. As our activity increases, we are looking for more members who would like to join the committee. The people we meet love the bible stories and the message about God’s Love for each of us. Christian Science offers just what they have been looking for. We were invited to attend the Saturday evening chapels to help the chaplain open the meaning of the bible to the attendees. This activity is too much for our few committee members, and we have discontinued that assignment for the present. We have been invited to the Navajo Nation this summer as well. We are certainly praying about the next steps! · There was a short report on the Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Zoning project. The current zoning for our church property is: SU-1 (Special Use-1) Zoning description: Church & related facilities. Land Use: Public / Institutional. While our property is the equivalent of 3 residential properties it is NOT currently zoned residential. Both our church and the church across the street will be converted to R- 1B. This does not affect our operating as a church, or the sale of the building and property to another church, if we choose that path in the future. Our Reading Room is zoned CCR-1 (Commercial Retail) and will keep that designation. Since January Executive Board and several members have the researched this project and a report will be given in a separate Newsletter article. As with all matters large and small relating to the church, we would love to have your prayers, expecting that nothing but good can come from the city’s and County’s planning and zoning processes. As we heard last night in the testimony meeting, when Christian Scientists are alerted to pray, the whole community is blessed!

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