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Church Zoning Report

Report to church: City of Albuquerque Planning and Zoning Project: March 20, 2017 update.

While there is no change to our church property zoning in practice, the code for identification of this

category has been changed (to R-1B “Church and church related”)) in order to unify this category’s

code throughout the city. This zoning is appropriate to our neighborhood and to our church function

and our expected uses. If we ever choose to sell this property, the property itself retains the “church

and church related uses” category. It can also be a residential property.

The Executive Board and several members have spent many hours attending meetings and reading

the documents that are being produced. We are discovering that there is real value in staying in

touch with city government. We will continue to attend meetings and represent our church in the

neighborhood and in the city. Cathy Spotts and Ted Arrington have been especially helpful.

The overall planning and zoning project has been identified as ABC-Z (improving place from planning

to zoning) . On April 21, 2014, the Council adopted authorizing resolution, R-14-46.

What is ABC –Z?

ABC to Z is an ambitious project to update the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive

Plan and to integrate and simplify the city’s zoning and subdivision regulations to implement the

resulting plan and create an Integrated Development Ordinance.

Key goals of the project are to improve opportunities for economic development and job creation,

improve protection for the city’s established neighborhoods, streamline the city’s development

review and approval process, and respond to long-standing water and traffic challenges by promoting

more sustainable development.

What is the IDO (Integrated Development Ordinance)?

To update the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan, a high-level planning document is

being developed for the area. It is called the Integrated Development Ordinance. The city and county

governments are working together on that project. The city hopes to overhaul its zoning and

subdivision regulations. These are the more-detailed rules that establish how and where

development can occur. The goal is to create a unified development ordinance that’s easier to

understand and carry out, replacing the zoning ordinance.

The Planning Commission is submitting the latest document to the City Council at this time.

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