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Writing Workshop

A workshop on writing for the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Monitor

This is a workshop in which you will actually have the opportunity to write! Over the years, a significant number of articles and testimonies published in the Christian Science periodicals have come from people attending the Albuquerque church. Would you like to participate in creating some new articles and testimonies? On our own branch church website we then can feature them, whether they get published or not.

In our church’s Sunday School, from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 1, we’ll meet for the workshop. One of our members, former managing editor of the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, Mark Swinney, will be there to help you begin and prepare a draft for submission. So, bring either a blank notebook or your computer. There also will be the option of making audio recordings of your ideas, too. No experience necessary at all. It will be a fun event and, ultimately, will bring to the world more inspiration and healing.

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