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Our Newsletter is now Online

Technology! It’s constantly becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life. So it is in the office. The Board has decided to turn the newsletter into an online Blog (web log). It's still a newsletter but, because it can be updated anytime and very easily, it will be much more up-to-date. Like a Blog, articles will appear periodically, as they are written, instead of all at once. For now, there is just this one introductory article.

Members will now be able to view items in a more timely manner by simply clicking the "Newsletter" link on the menu bar of the website.

All content will still go through the approval process with the Executive Board, and members who normally receive the newsletter in the mail, will still get a printed copy delivered via the U.S. Postal Service each quarter.

Periodically, when there are approved updates that have been posted, the clerk will email members so they can go in and look at what’s new. Also, since the Newsletter is intended for members, following this initial post, the Newsletter page on our website will be password protected.

In any case, if you have a news item or you are a committee chair and want to give a report, please send an email to the Clerk. Be sure to have the exact text you would like published along with any images you would like to use. The submission process is really no different from what was done in the past.

Please keep in mind, the Clerk is the only one who will be able to update the website. Members cannot add content or comments at this time. And, if we don't like the way this is working, we can always revert to the PDF sent every 3 months via email.

If you have time, drop a quick email to the Clerk with comments about this new format. We would love to know what you think. After all, the website, the newsletter and all the activities are for members first and foremost.

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