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by Robert Peel. Hardcover

Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Trial

  • Years of Trial begins with Mrs. Eddy's life in 1876, immediately after the publication of her seminal work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This biography follows the events in the pivotal years of struggle in which she fought for the survival of the religious movement she had launched. Carrying forward the dramatic story begun in Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Discovery, Robert Peel has again drawn on a large number of previously unpublished letters and private papers, combining the interest of a detective story with the most rigorous kind of biographical scholarship. An important volume for anyone interested in comparative religion, American social history, or the role of women in modern society. This is the second of three books published in 1966 to commemorate the 100 years since Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science. None of the volumes assume readers' familiarity with the subject, so each can be read individually or as part of the series.
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