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Anthology of Classic Articles Vol I

  • The articles in this book were suggested by a group of Christian Science teachers and practitioners, cited as being especially valuable in the healing practice of Christian Science. Previously published between 1908-1981 in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal, this collection upholds the teachings of Christian Science as explained and demonstrated by Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. Articles cover a broad variety of topics including health, safety, financial stability, employment, relationships, and more. Although one book can only scratch the surface of the vast depth and inspiration to be found in all issues of the periodicals, this compilation presents a tremendous variety of explanatory articles on the power of God to heal. Space is available throughout the book to take notes. In the back of the book you'll find a partial subject index, author index, and list of article publication dates. Paperback, spiral bound. 150 pages. 8.5" x 11" (22cm x 28cm). What our readers say: "Wonderful! That was the first word out of my wife's mouth when she saw the Anthology. I agree! It really turned out well. The layout and design serves each message very well. I found myself digging into an article as soon as I started thumbing through a couple of pages. Thank you, thank you!" "I just got the Anthology of Classic Articles and it is Great! I think the binding is sturdy and the space to make notes is exactly what I wanted. Thank you." "It's wonderful. Not only are the articles, but also the 3 types of indexes so helpful." "Picked up a copy of the Anthology yesterday and a couple of copies for friends. Spent much of the evening with it and just wanted to express great appreciation [for] this collection. It is superb—contents, format and binding. Well done!"
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