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Christian Science can change every aspect of your daily life.

It can answer the question “Who am I and what is my purpose here?”

It can show you the path to a new identity – a spiritual identity.

It can set you on the path to freedom from the bondage of fear, of self,
of physical and mental disabilities

through an understanding of who you truly are as God's spiritual creation.

It can empower you to go beyond limitations.

Explore our website, visit the Reading Room, 
visit the resources listed on our resources page, 
sign our guestbook and ask for more information.

We look forward to meeting you!

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You are welcome to sign our guestbook and ask for further information.


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Christian Science Reading Room

The Reading Room is for everyone.
It isn't just for Christian Scientists or those who attend Christian Science church services.

Everyone is always welcome.

It is a perfect place to ask questions and find others who enjoy discussing issues related to God and our spiritual nature.  

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