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CHURCH NEWS: BRIEFLY - April 26, 2021

IN PERSON SERVICES: While all Houses of Worship are allowed to meet at 100% capacity in New Mexico, all must still comply with the State's "Covid Safe Practices" for Houses of Worship, Retail establishments and Employers. The Board is in the process of compiling and simplifying those guidelines so that all our members can have a better understanding of what might be involved in order to worship together again in person. A decision by the membership on this matter may come up at next month's membership meeting (Thursday, May 20th). - Follow-up with Executive Board

RIO RANCHO CHURCH: Following the sale of their property, the members of the Rio Rancho church have decided to dissolve their Christian Science Society. At their request, three members of the Rio Rancho Executive Board met with our Board last week to discuss future possibilities. It is likely that most Rio Rancho members will apply for membership in our branch. They also expressed a desire to maintain some sort of CS presence in the Rio Rancho area.

- Follow-up with Executive Board NM PRISONS are all still on lockdown because of COVID. But the Reading Room is sending copies of the Lesson Sermon and Sentinels by mail to the inmate who was most interested and active to distribute. We continue to pray for inmates—not just those we had contact with but all those in prison. They have special needs now given their continual isolation from family and friends. Several of our members have continued to stay in contact with former inmates now living in the Albuquerque area. - Follow-up with Prison Ministry Committee

ALARM: This afternoon, the Clerk got a call from the alarm monitoring company that there was a power failure at church. A quick follow-up with the online PNM map shows an outage in the area. This was confirmed to be a neighborhood issue when the Clerk checked with Nique, the landscaper across the street from church, who may take care of our grounds. - Follow-up with the Clerk

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