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CHURCH NEWS: BRIEFLY- April 19, 2021 GROUNDS: The Executive Board met last week and is still looking at the details of insurance coverage options for hiring a person or company to do our grounds keeping. - Follow-up with Kym Campbell or Executive Board or Grounds Committee

READING ROOM: Reconstruction due to the damage caused by the burst water pipe is in the final stages. This week a replacement cabinet is scheduled for installation. More painting and carpet cleaning are also planned.

- Follow-up with Reading Room or Clerk/Treasurer

PARKING PERMITS: We have been able to obtain the usual six parking permits allotted to us by the City of Albuquerque even though there is a new computerized system in place. A special accommodation was given to our address and even our own “zone” was created to facilitate our needs. - Follow-up with Clerk/Treasurer or Executive Board OUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Following a couple of recent encounters with people sleeping on our church property, the Board decided it might be best to notify the Board Chair or other Board member before calling the non-emergency police number if the person does not leave when asked. Also, the church has rejoined the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association and Ted Arrington will attend their meetings. - Follow-up with Ted Arrington or Executive Board or Clerk/Treasurer HOUSE: Our janitorial service came in and did a thorough cleaning of the interior of church in anticipation that we might be able to return to in person services in the not too distant future. Since we have only had our cleaning crew on site a couple of times over the last year, our expenses for this budget item remain low. - Follow-up with House Committee or Clerk/Treasurer Executive Board

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