New Items at the Reading Room

Christian Science Herald:

Many renovations are taking place with the Christian Science Herald, such as new websites which feature the Herald in 14 languages with informal translations in 17 other languages at JSH-Online Additionally, there is 80% more content in print and online as well as language-specific directories.

The Herald is considering itself a web-first publishing model and with that being said, the Publishing Society is producing the actual printed format every other month now, and printable issues will be available online each month for JSH subscribers. A new provision has been made for Reading Rooms to print out full issues at the librarian’s discretion and a fee may be established to cover printing costs. Audio will be coming soon, so if anyone would like to assist with recording articles in another language, please inform the Publishing Society by emailing

A visitor may now read translated into other languages. Click Languages on the top right of the page at to read the website in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. There is also content provided in 18 other languages.

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