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Let's Sing!

  • Let's Sing! is a 2-CD set that brings you clearly sung recordings of the 33 hymns in the new Christian Science Hymnal Supplement: 430-462. Each hymn is beautifully and simply presented by a solo voice with piano accompaniment. The four professional vocalists (two men and two women) offer renditions that help listeners learn the new hymns. All the words are printed in the CD booklet so you can sing along. Some hymns are classic, such as "Amazing grace" and "My life flows on in endless song." Others offer new melodies for some of Mary Baker Eddy's hymns. Some are from other Christian hymnals, and several were written and composed to expand the repertoire of Christian Science hymns. The hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, are intended to inspire and heal, to provide freshness, youthfulness, and more international variety. All have been carefully chosen for their metaphysical accuracy, as well as musical quality. They feature an easy-to-sing vocal range. "O sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath done marvellous things: ... ." Psalms 98:1 Let's sing!